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:) antenna included. Be sure to add me to your favorites list. All you need to do is simply walk up to any of our locations at the track, close enough to pick up a signal, put your scanner in program mode and then your scanner will download all of the frequencies for that entire race weekend. 1 year warranty, please keep your proof of purchase.

No more standing in line to have us program your scanner and there is no extra cost. It s a very simple and fast process. Order now and get free standard shipping. It has over-the-air programming.

Thanks for looking. It has 440 channels in 4 series and has 3 favorite 1-button channels. It is compact and easy to use. This scanner is our fan s choice .

We can only ship within the united states and we only use paypal. It is user & trackside programmable.....

This product is in New condition and found in the category ( Consumer Electronics > Radio Communication > Scanners ).

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mpn: re3000, name: RACING ELECTRONICS RE3000 RACING SCANNER (RE3000), url: , description: Review (mpn re3000) RACING ELECTRONICS RE3000 RACING SCANNER (RE3000) . ) antenna included. Be sure to add me to your favorites list. All you need to do is simply walk up to, date listed: August 25th, 2012,
currency: USD, price: $169.96

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